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Birthdate:Feb 21
Location:Texas, United States of America
Website:Somewhere alot further away
I am the English girl lost far away from home, there was Canada for a while then I went home, then there was Chicago (which for the first year was Florida) then there was the only place to live in Texas, then somewhere else and now Hong Kong (5995 miles from home).

The world clock is not my friend.

All journals are friends locked, this isn't to keep you out it is to keep people who think they know me but don't and the search engines. You don't have to comment to be added to my friends list just add me as your friend and eventually I will notice. If you comment I will notice sooner. I don't track who is on my friends list and who isn't so I don't care if you add me one day and decide that I am boring the next (I am trust me).

To explain who I would take many an hour of someones eternity. Safe to say I am the daughter of my mother, the mother of my mother, the mother of my wife, I am a bigamist - one was a shot gun wedding, I will always have one beloved fiance, I am a twin, I am property and I have many children, some have left, some are near, one is a sheep back pack but all are in my heart. [And if you were never part of the ABAR minion family you are now very scared.]

All icons by others are credited on the icon page - please visit to see who created which art.

Layout was corrupted long ago and I have no record of the original designer/it's been changed so much since. New layout on 13 September 2009. The photo of Mr Lambert is from the Zodiac Show (and if you didn't already know that then you are either a) living outside of America or b) had your head under a rock and c) haven't seen the "Dirty, rich" vid.)

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